So… Today was January 8th.

I’ve been trying to think about what to make this post about. I was going to make it a December round up like I did for November but now I’m thinking it should be more like a 2013 round up. There’s not much to tell. So this will be a round up and a forward view of 2014, so here goes…

Last Year I made 14 post, it was a very slow year (though I’m sure I’m sure I’ve had slower). Looking back at 2013 I feel like the year sucked. There is one thing that makes me not completely write off the year, my first child was born and there are no adequate words to fully describe what he means to me. He is Amazing, Beautiful, Adorable, Frustrating, Smart, Quick, I have by no means run out of adjectives, I should stop now while I can. Because of him, 2013 will always have a special place in my heart.

Other than that, it sucked.

I didn’t get much writing done, I didn’t get much reading done, I moved (to a worse neighborhood), I struggled creatively, personally, and financially. I was betrayed in such a way I may never fully recover and because of that I spent so much of last year with a poisonous anger in my heart and head it pretty much over shadowed everything. I want to let it go.

It sucked, but it’s over now.

Last year:

I completed two podfics: Ulterior Motives and Looking Glass Country, both Smallville Fanfics by Astolat.
I started an AO3 account (only has the two mentioned podfics, I’m not going to add any of the fanfics until I continue them).
I’m in the Audiofic Archive, for the above mentioned podfics as well.
And I started a Tumblr, which I mostly reblog from other people, and don’t really add any new post.
I saw some new shows, movies, got some new fandoms to lurk around the edges of, but that’s pretty much it.

Looking Forward!

I want to get more done this year. Sadly that was the plan last year too, and we see how that turned out. AND I am super determined to finish at least at THREE (3) of the many many things I'm working on.

And because I love Listing things, here's a GD list:

(in no particular order, things I have started, not including the plot bunnies)

Dangerous Bond, Gundam Wing Fic, 8 chapters completed. Goal: Finish chapter 9
Strange, Digimon Fic, 10 chapters completed. Goal: Finish Chapter 11
Puddles Arc, Digimon Fic, 5 parts completed. Goal: Finish Next Part
Don't Lie, Gundam Wing fic, 1 part completed. Goal: Finish Next Part by Oct. 31st.
Untitled Uther/Merlin, Merlin Fic, Multi-Part. Goal: Finish First Part, determine the rest.
Death and the Thief of Hearts, Gundam Wing Fic, Completed. Goal: Re-write ending.
A Memory So Strong, Gundam Wing Fic, One-Shot WorkInProgress. Goal: Finish to at least 75%.
Untitled Roads_Diverged Challenge, Digimon & Gundam Wing fic 2 Stories Finished. Goal: Finish at least 2 more stories.
Untitled Monsters story, Digimon Fic, chaptered no parts finished. Goal: Outline.
Untitled I_Should_Kill_You, Harry Potter Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Outline.
Untitled Not!Vampire, Digimon Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Outline.
Untitled Mindscape story, Gundam Wing Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Finish scene, Outline.
Untitled Fem!Slash, Star Trek Reboot Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Finish, De-anon, post.
Untitled cruelintentionsgw, Gundam Wing Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Finish a section, re-outline.
Untitled Episode 8 spinoff, Digimon Fic, WorkInProgress. Goal: Outline, 50% Complete.
Random Paper Notes, Various Fandoms, OnPaper. Goal: Copy into file, Start some stories.
Original Short Story, Original, First part Complete. Goal: Finish next Part, Outline.
Original Novel (magic), Original, 60,000+ words. Goal: Write more, Outline.
Original Book (intrigue), Original, Complete. Goal: Completely re-write, update.
Unnamed, Merlin Podfic, 50% recorded. Goal: Finish, Ask Author's Permission to post.
Unnamed, Merlin Podfic, 30% recorded. Goal: Finish/maybe re-record, Ask Author's Permission to post.
Unnamed, Gundam Wing Podfic, 40% recorded. Goal: Finish/maybe re-record, Ask Author's Permission to post.

OMG! I don't even think this is everything I started but haven't finished. I'm going to meet at least 3 of these goals, I'm shootin for 12 though. So I will make a status post at the beginning of each month (nothing as ambitious as word counts)

Good Luck to me!

Happy New Year!


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