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SO... sometime late last month, I think like two or three days after I posted last months round up... I FINISHED CHAPTER 9 OF DANGEROUS BONDS! So this is totally not what I am excited about, though. First of all this is the second or third time I've finished chapter 9, so nothing new there. Second, I still want to go back tweak it a bit; I think I may have left something out, or more accurately I think I can fit a little bit more into it. Anyway, as I said last month, I figured out what it was about Duo's characterization that was bothering me all this time. Once I got that down, the conversation that had been holding up chapter 9 was pretty easy to finish.

But I'm not ready to post it yet. I still have to go back through the old chapters and do the touch ups. I think I'm still on chapter 5, so once I get all that done I'll be ready to add the story to AO3 and post the next chapter. Like I said I want to go back through chapter 9 again and make sure I get it just the way I want.

And then!!! (This is what I'm excited about)

Well I decided to take a break from Dangerous Bonds for a bit, fresh eyes and all that. So instead of jumping straight into Don't Lie, like I have been doing, I decided to look through my files. YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND? I found the Untitled Uther/Merlin fic.

Background: I have, as I have mentioned before, (the post of from the end of last November) I have a maybe not so secret Uther/Merlin DubCon!Kink. And that I was writing a one-shot PWP and then that turned into a second multichaptered time-travel Uther/Merlin/Arthur fic. WOW. Unfortunately sometime after that I was distracted by something else and forgot about the whole thing. So what happened last month when I was looking through my stuff is that I found the sketch/outline that I had completed of the one-shot. (It was just the one shot unfortunately I did not outline the Time-travel fic so I don't remember what I was on about.)**

So I read the one shot and got all mad when I finished it because I totally chickened out of the sex scene at the end. So I was like, "I can fix this!" So I started at the middle of the story and wrote an alternate ending, with sex. And then when I finished it I was like, "This is pretty good, but..." I had written non-sex, and that ending was pretty good too and I didn't want to actually get rid of it, so it sort of turned the one-shot PWP porn in to a two chapter story. But then I had to go back and rewrite the beginning of the second chapter (since I was keeping the one-shot mostly intact as the first chapter.) So when I was writing the start of the second chapter I got an Idea of another setting... and then a different sex act! So then suddenly this was a four chaptered story. WHOA... what the hell? Only four chapters... so then I was thinking about some sort of resolution to this story and I was kinda bouncing around the idea of Arthur saving Merlin from Uther when this song came on during the shuffle of my ipod (hint: the song was Rope Burn by Janet Jackson... yep) AND GAVE ME ANOTHER IDEA FOR UTHER/MERLIN... So now this story is now Officially 6 chapters long. It works out to 5+1 which, I'm not really a fan of 5 things stories but now suddenly I'M WRITING ONE.

This story now has a title. It's tentative but I like it and will most likely keep it. "Five Times Uther Was Alone With Merlin, And One Time Arthur Made Sure That Would Never Happen Again" by Fallout Boy. It's a Plot-What-Plot (or Porn-Without-Plot depending on how you define PWP)that 'Surprise!' developed a plot... Of course the plot -is- Porn so... *shrug*

Guys! I'm so excited about this! It's incredibly well done, for me anyway. It's definitely not my first sex scene, but it is there first I will actually post. It's the first fic I'll posted in a non-anime fandom, which is really sort of a big milestone for me, one I never really thought I would cross. AND this thing Is pouring out of me. I couldn't go to sleep last night because I was plotting out the 6th chapter and I'm trying to get it all down today before I forgot it.

So for June I technically finished Two of my writing goals for the year. I "Finished" chapter 9 of Dangerous Bonds and I "finished" the first part of the Uther/Merlin fic and determined the rest of the story to a very thorough degree. But I won't be posting anything for a while. I'm not going to go back to editing Dangerous Bonds until I get enough of the Merlin 5+1 fic done that I won't lose any part of it. And the Merlin 5+1 is largely just very anally detailed outline or poorly formatted story, depending on how you look at it. SO it will take ages to finish. BUT I AM INCREDIBLY CONFIDENT that barring tragedy, I WILL finish this story.

As long as this story is eating my brain I will continue writing it, so I may have something ready to post in July (Dangerous Bonds most likely).

**While writing this post I have remembered, roughly, the plot of the Time-Travel Uther/Merlin/Arthur fic. And I might try to tease that out. But really the two things above are my priority.

Hopefully I will be back here before the end of the month.
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