Title: Digimon Drabbles
Chapter 3: Caged
Warnings: Each chapter is Different and unconnected for the most part so I guess the biggest warning is no continuity.
Rating: Honestly, I don't think I can get that graphic in 100 words so I'm gonna go with PG-13 or Teen.
Disclaimer: Despite the diminutive sizes, these are fanfics. I don't own the characters or settings or worlds or what have you, each is different. But all are Digimon in some way, so all proper credits to the creators and owners of the property Digimon: Digital Monsters.
Summary: Just some thoughts I was having...

Caged )

First of all, I want to apologize for the cop out, I was gonna do an episode review as well, but I ran out of time on the day.

Now, did I ever mention that DaiKenKai is my official OT3? Because it is; it really, really is. I love the dynamic. The Kaizer torments Ken from the inside and Daisuke from the outside, Daisuke rivals Ken and foils the Kaizer, Ken needs/doesn’t want the Kaizer and needs/wants Daisuke. They push and pull on each other, like I said it’s all in the dynamic.

I especially love when I can put all three of them into the same space so they can fully interact.

This isn’t one of those stories.

So the premise of this story is that the Dark Spores didn’t make you evil, they just nurtured the darkness that’s inside of you (that is pretty much what they do in the actual series anyway). And so what the Dark Spore actually did to Ken was to create a split personally that was repressed when the Spore’s influence was removed. Basically, the Kaizer was sulking in Ken’s mind for about four years until it built up the strength to over throw Ken and take Daisuke, again.

Daisuke is actually the catalyst. Ken is, and always will be, desperately in love with Daisuke, but he is still a little too insecure to make a move. So Daisuke, who thinks Ken is not really interested, has kinda given up the expectation. Ken realizes he’s loosing the chance, kinda freaks out and BAM, Kaizer steps in and takes over. It’s a little cliché but I was really more focused on the interaction between the characters rather than the plot. The Kaizer is still an asshole and kind of evil but he’s not psychotic or trying to kill anyone anymore, he genuinely wants Daisuke.

It’s a lot like Strange except Daisuke is the clueless one and Ken and the Kaizer are struggling with each other.

This is just an idea I’ve been kicking around, I dunno if I’m gonna get around to this… like I said… it’s a lot like Strange.


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