It's been so long. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But look I have to admit that I've been tweaking this thing the whole time. I changed some bits in the last edit I just made and if I waited another 10 days before I posted it I'd find more things to change. You know this story is written to chapter 15 but I keep having to ret. con. stuff which is why I kept avoiding posting this thing for ages. I would really like to go back and rewrite all 7 previous chapters but honestly not really to change anything, just to tighten up the narrative a bit more.

There are some things I want to address about this story, some valid points made in some of the comments but I'll save that for another day.

Now, it has been so long since I posted Dangerous Bonds that this is the first chapter posted to Dreamwidth. I will be starting a Dangerous Bonds tag on Dreamwidth but I will not be reposting the previous chapters there, they are everywhere else.

Dangerous Bonds tag HERE on Live Journal
Dangerous Bonds tag HERE on Insane Journal
Dangerous Bonds story index HERE on my website (I'm not sure why I still have this)
Dangerous Bonds chapters HERE at
Dangerous Bonds chapters HERE on

See they are everywhere. I honestly don't remember if I was posting it to Gundam Wing Addiction's message boards... but I don't think I was so I'm not going to look. So if you would like to reread the previous chapters pick your poison. If not, there is a nice 326 word summary under the cut.

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And now without further Ado.

Title- Dangerous Bonds (8/?)
Warning- AU, Mild violence and shounen-ai in future parts.
Parings- 1+2, 3+4
Rating- R
Summary- Duo, possessing psychic powers, is invited to a special institute for gifted students. Everything seems normal enough but there’s something going on behind the scenes. What does it have to do with Duo and his new friends and will they find out in enough time to save themselves? This is a crossover with the Dark Visions trilogy by L.J. Smith.
Disclaimer- I do not own any part of Gundam Wing or the Dark Visions book series. The following story is being written without profit, no malice is intended. *insert pleasant, innocent smile here*
Notes: ummm //thinking or telepathy\\ it will probably get confusing later on but that’s the fun part.

This Fic was Beta-ed by Ilyena_sylph a long, long, long time ago, but I have tweaked it since then so definitely all spelling and grammar issues are completely my fault.

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