Title: Looking Glass Country
Author: Astolat
Reader: Apple_QB
Fandom: Smallville, Superfriends, Superman (Comics)
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: Explict
Length: 2:04:27
Music: Smallville Opening "Save Me" by Remy Zero, Cartoon Network Groovie "That Time Is Now" by Michael Kohler
Text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/240925

Looking Glass Country

MP3 (114 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/97fch7a8c61x7z7/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20w%20breaks.mp3
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/97fch7a8c61x7z7/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20w%20breaks.mp3

M4B (120 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/11317su5ehzgu6d/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20w%20breaks.m4b
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/11317su5ehzgu6d/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20w%20breaks.m4b

The Podfic Without the music is available here:

MP3 (112 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/41r444vbah0fwqo/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20n%20br.mp3
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/41r444vbah0fwqo/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20n%20br.mp3

M4B (117 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/15y292czg38our9/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20n%20br.m4b
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/15y292czg38our9/Looking%20Glass%20Country%20n%20br.m4b

Notes: Same MO as last time. Recorded in the Voice Memo App on my iPhone 4S, converted to MP3 with Real Player Converter, Edited with Audacity, Joined with Media MP3 Joiner, Converted back into M4A with Real Player Converter, and turned in an audiobook with a simple file name change from M4A to M4b. Personally, I think the file without music probably sounds better, if only because I didn't have a clean version of the Smallville opening. It's a recording of a recording and as such sounds a bit tinny. Although, the Superfriends opening itself it very tinny, which is why I used the Cartoon Network Groovie version instead, besides the Groovie pops more. But I do think the cut of "Save Me" I used as the line break into the Smallville universe just sounds weird, it's partly because it's kind of impossible to pull 2 seconds of identifiable background music out of the Smallville opening (He is basically singing during the whole thing) and because of that it's a little awkward. Again, maybe I'm just being overly critical or something. I did the mix at the end in Audacity as well.

On to the next one.
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( Nov. 30th, 2013 02:59 pm)

I didn't do any writing...

That's not true. I'll get back to that in a bit.

I've been sitting on the finished Podfic for nearly a week, since last Sunday I think. I don't really want to post it because there are at least half a dozen errors that cause me to twitch throughout. Unlike when I finished Ulterior Motives and I listened to it, all the annoying cock ups were in the first 6 parts so I just went back and totally re-edited them. Problem solved. On this fic they are pretty evenly spaced, also the mistakes are in the recordings and though they could be fixed with edits, to get it to the way I want it I'd have to re-record. I definitely do not want to do that. Again, I suspect that a lot of this is me being overly critical of crap most people won't even notice so I should really just suck it up. Really for the last week I've just been trying to get over myself and post the damn thing. I've been going back through some of my favorite podfic from other people and listening critically and then I have heard mistakes that I've never heard before, thus proving to me that most of these things slip under my notice and do not negatively effect my enjoyment. So I'll probably it later today or tomorrow.

As I did end up working on the podfic I did not attempt NaNoWriMo this year. I wasn't even going to work on any of the 6? 7? WIPs I'm working on. Then, just when I thought nothing was going to happen this month in terms of writing, I was bitten by a "plot"bunny and started a whole new story. I say "plot" because it was a PWP lemon so it was really more of a Porn!bunny rather than a plotbunny. AND get this, it's in a fandom I don't even write in, would never have thought I would write in. OH! And AND not only was I attacked by a Porn!bunny I actually got attacked by two of them. And AND AND because these stories were actually so fleshed out I decided to try to write the outline of one of them down before I forgot it or it decided to commingle and I end up confusing them. Then, during the process of writing the outline I started to get more and more detailed that I basically wrote the damn thing. I mean, I need to go back to the beginning and flesh out some dialog and a little bit more detail but for the most part it is actually MORE finished than.... say Death and the Thief of Hearts (which the entire second half of is basically an outline of how the story is supposed to end and needs to be rewritten, even though I have already posted that as a finished work)



It's a Merlin Fic...

Under the cut, because it could be considered a distasteful discussion, if you're sensitive about that sort of thing )

And then add Pokemon X, Candy Crush and the fact I hooked up my PS2 and started playing Kingdom Hearts again, that's what happened in November.

Coming up in December:

Hopefully another Podfic.
Hopefully That Merlin fic, at least the oneshot.
Hopefully a chapter of SOMETHING else (Don't Lie or Dangerous Bonds most likely)
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( Oct. 31st, 2013 01:17 pm)
Ok, here is my dilemma...

I wanted to post the next part of Don't Lie (that's the Heero!Vamp story as it is affectionally called on my Harddive) but I didn't finish it yesterday. I wanted it to be posted on Halloween which is looking less and less likely. By not finishing it last night, I have to work on I at work, but I'm actually doing work so I haven't even opened the file. I could just wrap up the last couple of sentences and just finish the part where it's at but there are two problems with that 1) it's not the way the scene is supposed to end and I will probably end up rewriting the whole damn thing anyway and 2) I've got somewhere to go this evening and I probably won't be home till after 8:00 so the earliest I would probably be able to is 10:00 and that is being extremely generous... Basically by the time I get it posted tonight it will be tomorrow which defeats the purpose of posting it on Halloween in the first place.

Which brings me to tomorrow. November 1st is the start of NaNoWriMo. And while I will make no formal commitment, I do always try to take a stab at it. But I really want to get started on the next Podfic I'm working on, which is already recorded and just needs to be edited. But let me tell you, I am no where near a prolific enough writer to get NaNoWriMo and editing a podfic done in the same month. Most likely I will edit the podfic and run out of time to write OR I will struggle to write and not have enough time for the fic. And that is assuming that my child, who always gets top priority, is not going to take up all my time and that what little time I have does not get taken up by Pokemon.

Crap, I just remembered it's Halloween, I got some stuff to do in Animal Crossing.

I'll get something done within the next month. Promise.
The Links I posted Yesterday didn't work :-/ Mediafire was reading a copyright issue with the song I used. There should have been no issue, so I fixed it.

Also, I got the work to post on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1020679

Here is the post as it went up on [community profile] amplificathon (lj & Dreamwidth)

Title: Ulterior Motives
Author: Astolat
Reader: Apple_QB
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: Explict
Length: 2:08:49
Music: Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears For Fears
Text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/240932

ulteriormotives cover by endeni
Now with Cover by [personal profile] endeni

MP3 (117 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/4i9zph25mu2qzvx/UlteriorMotiveswMusic_fixed.mp3
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4i9zph25mu2qzvx/UlteriorMotiveswMusic_fixed.mp3

M4B (123 MB)

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/2t4p7ebe5khp78a/UlteriorMotiveswMusic_fixed.m4b
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2t4p7ebe5khp78a/UlteriorMotiveswMusic_fixed.m4b

Notes: I suck at Graphics so I did a super basic cover in Paint. If anyone wants to take a stab at it they not only have my blessing, but my encouragement.

Additionally: Problems with the File Download have been fixed. The Podfic Without the music (112 MB) is still available here:

Listen: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/ox7ylmxk19o1i79/Ulterior_Motives_n_music.mp3
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ox7ylmxk19o1i79/Ulterior_Motives_n_music.mp3
I did a thing!

I finished the Podfic I was working on. It was Astolat's Smallville Fic Ulterior Motives. I love that story, I love all her Smallvile Fics (hint) and I have always wanted someone to podfic it, but no one ever did. As with most people, I don't really like the sound of my own voice but I really did just decide to suck it up.

So Astolat, who is wonderful and deserves all the cookies, has a blanket transformative permission for all her fandom stuff, with only the provision that she'd like to be informed (of course) and for it to be added to Archive of Our Own so that the works can be associated. So Now I have an AO3 account. But there is nothing on it right now, I spent the last 48 hours or so trying to import the podfic there with no success. *Headdesk* I will get it up eventually, I'll just have to keep trying.

In the meantime I have it on Mediafire (since i couldn't get it on my dinky angelfire website *double headdesk*) So Here is where it can be found:
ACTUALLY, the links I posted were broken do to reasons. They are fixed now. But I put the links in the next post. Rest of this post is still here.

Production Notes, if anyone is interested )

Going back to work on Don't Lie, see if I can get the next part by Halloween. (unlikely)
My son is now seven months old. The last time I even looked at my Dreamwidth/Livejournal was the last day I made that last post sometime in May. I can now say, for some unknown reason, I've been avoiding my journals. Even now I only have about three minutes to write this post, I'm on my lunch break. I don't know why waited to the end of my lunch break I just did everything I could to do something else.

Anyway unlike all the other times when I disappear from my journal I have not in fact disappeared from the Internet. I have a Tumblr. It's a small thing, I'm only following about 26 people. I have four followers right now. I've been doing it about a month and a half I think, I haven't really been paying attention. Also I kind of want to apologize for the Rambling sentences, because I'm using the voice on my iPhone and I'm not very good with adding punctuation.

My name is Appleqb on Tumblr if you're looking for me there, And I can be found there most days. I get up to about 100-150 reblogs a day (Probably way more than that actually(. It's mostly fandom related stuff, and then occasional rant. I'm not looking for any more Tumblrs to follow because as it stands right now I cannot keep up with the amount of post on my dashboard as it is.

Also I haven't written anything since my sons been born. Not that I've stopped any of my fanfics, I just haven't felt like writing them. Not like when I was at my old job and my boss was sucking the life out of me. My son is lovely, it's not him. Well it's sort of him. It's just really difficult to type with the laptop and my lap if the baby is going to be crawling all over me. So to compensate I have started a podfic. But I don't want to announce which podfic I'm doing because I don't want to jinx it. It's coming along nicely and I hope to finish it before the end of the month. I have at least two more podfics I'm planning to do but one of them I still have to get permission to record before I start. And actually that's not true, there about 30 Gundam Wing fanfics I would like to record, that fandom is so sadly underrepresented in the Audiofic archive.

Anyway I'm like 10 minutes over my lunch break now, so I have to go back inside. Watch this space for more content coming soon hopefully. Watch Here for more frequent status updates.
When my infant son smiles in his sleep it is one of the most heart-stoppingly beautiful things I have ever seen.

That is all.
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( May. 25th, 2013 07:55 am)
Ok, so I watched Fushigi Yuugi the first time more than 15 years ago, it's one of the first Anime's I watched all the way from begining to end and as suchs it's very special to me. I must have spent something close to $500, back when I was in middle school, to buy the entire Series on VHS(#showing my age). Look, what I'm saying is I feel very strongly about the series.

So you know, I saw a couple of episodes, bought the whole series, went on like to get more information. The first Fanfics I ever read were in Fushigi Yuugi Fandom. I found dozens's of fan sites, Hell I even started one of my own. It's got a massive art gallery and short (tongue in cheek?) character bio's for all the Suzaku and Seiryu Seishi, I even started to do Episode summaries but I don't think I ever did more than on.

Anyway, the post of this is I watched the series a long time ago now and almost from my very first watch through I've known about the extra series episodes. And I Wanted Them.

My husband, though he was my boyfriend at the time, bought me the entire series of Fushigi Yuugi on DVD like four years go. That was after I had made him sit through a few of the VHS tapes. I got cold feet with the tapes because his old VHS player has a habit of eatting tapes. He took pity on me and bought the entire series, Yay. The Entire series plus the OVAs.

You know I never watched them?

It's actually not remarkable. I mean I haven't spent more than $50 on DVDs in the last two years because I realized I buy them but then don't ever watch them, I'm way more likely to just wait till it comes on cable. But obviously the after series episodes of Fushigi Yuugi are never going to be airing on Cartoon Network.

So here it is 4 years later. When my husband first bought them we were both still living with our parents so they stayed at his place. There years ago we moved in together, so they have totally been with me. In fact, there are three steps between where I always sit on the couch and the TV/DVD player, and for the last year the FY DVDs have literally been right in the middle.

So at the end of this week My Husband, New Baby, and I will be moving in to a new apartment and I vowed before I packed those DVDs up I would finally FINALLY watch them.

So I watched them last night...

My Reaction?

No spoilers though...


To be continued...
I think I love this show a little bit... lotta bit... bite... whatever.

Umm race swaps and gender swaps towards POCs and Women, What! I love it already. Plus, and I mean to be incredibly shallow about this, but Hugh is so very pretty and I am finding Mads's face slightly off putting and yet strangely attractive which is just about perfect for Hannibal.

Also, was I the only person that spent most of the episode begging the people on the TV to be nicer to Lecter, "Please, whatever you do, don't be rude!"
And it might literally be a minute.

The Baby is Asleep... But I had to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, then I had breakfast, but then I had to print out a letter to the rental office and I know that the letter was only about 20 words long but... my computer isn't hooked up to a printer so I had to use my husband's and it took 30 minutes to figure out his set up... well, 15 minutes then then another 15 to figure out the printer and then fail and then fix the jam...

Nevermind, the baby shall wake up shortly so I'll be quicker.

I spent the last week reading people tumblrs... So I get it, I am still not getting one... probably not anytime soon anyway.

In any case, it's much easier to glance at the computer screen every once in a while at the same time as holding the baby. It is impossible to type while holding him. So writing as been not happening. At all.

I would like to have time to write, but... maybe I should be doing that now instead of posting ^_^

I have also been thinking about Podficing? but HA! How the hell would I find 20 hours of quite time? Foolishness! I want to though. I actually did podfic a story like three years ago, but I HATE the sound of my voice. Too much base or something. I could probably redo it.... in another three years ^_^;;

Babys up, got to go!
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( Mar. 11th, 2013 09:56 pm)

but it was funny that I took a picture of him today with the flash on and he had Red Eye...except his eyes were not red they were Bright Gold. I have proof, I have the pic, but I'm not putting pics of my kid in the net so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I'll come back later with real post
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( Feb. 1st, 2013 12:03 pm)
My water broke at my doctors office right before my pelvic exam and pretty much 12 hours later, to the minute, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

He was 8 lbs and about 20 inches long and is the new and brightest joy in my life.

My husband and I are very happy. But I am also very tired and I'll be taking this time to get some sleep.
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( Jan. 31st, 2013 08:47 pm)
I'm in labor.

More later.
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( Jan. 6th, 2013 07:26 am)
Ya know....

Everyone else I live with his been violently ill in the last 72 hours.

Warning. Every euphamism for Vomit I can think of ahead! )

So here I am 9 months Pregnate and the only person with the sailor's stomach, at least so far, very inauspicious.

So yeah, I'm 37 weeks! My official Due Date is still the 26th but the odds on bet is I'm gonna pop way before then. In fact my boss has blocked off next Thursday the 10th as his day in the office pool. Yes, they have an office pool on when I am going to deliver. I have no idea how many people are participating, it may just be the accounting office. I wished my boss luck but I hope he is dead wrong.

There is a lot going on next week. The doctor's office still has my FMLA and Short Term Disablilty paper work for the Maternity Leave for my Job, I'm not going to get it until the 9th so I won't be able to get it to work until the 10th. I have no idea what happens if I pop before the paperwork is filed. On the 10th is my Baby Shower which means I don't have all the neccessary supplies for the baby because I waiting to see what I will get before I buy the rest. Read more... ) also, the 10th is the BreastFeeding class, like to do that before I have to feed the baby. On the 11th, that's a family members birthday already. On the 12th the Childcare Class (now look, I know how to take care of an infant but I still want to go to this class, I'm crazy nervous, I kill plants all the time, I forget to take care of myself, why am I being entrusted with the life of another human being?! /freak out) And the 13th is another family member's birthday.

So I'm personally cool with anyway after the 13th though I get paid on the 15th so after that would probably be better. I just want my husband to clean his side of the room and put the crib together already.

I haven't been writing, but I've been thinking about writing. Which is good. Yay GW fans, I've been thinking about Dangerous Bonds... But I haven't been writing because I have been, with effort, trying to Shift my attention to Stange... I don't think it's been updated since 2009, which was effectively 4 years ago. It may have been more recent. My focus has been on vamp!Heero, Dangerous Bonds, and Strange, what I have been doing is... Well not really reading other things either. Except right now I am reading Maldoror's The Souce of all Things, it's really the best GW fic I've read in over a year, that's because I fon't really read new stuff on the fandom, it's my home fandom but I don't know where it moved so for all intents and purposes it's a dead fandom (it's not, I just don't where the activity is) and I really only read recc'ed fics, or fics from authors I like (which is how I came to start reading TSOAT) but it's unfinished which is why I've probably never tried to read it before. One day I'll make a list of all the unfinished fics that are eatting my soul right now, but not today. I've been at this for 2 hours and I need to finish my laundry today. I've got to get baby laundry detergent.

Ja ne!
It's December 21, 2012 and the world hasn't ended yet. I am cautiously optimistic about the world not ending today.

Although, as I just realized, it just turned midnight here Eastern Standard Time or -5 UTC, but It's totally been Friday somewhere in the world (Christmas Island) since 5:00am yesterday morning, and in fact won't be Friday everywhere in the world until 7:00am EST which effectively means by the time it's Friday, it's already Saturday...

So in what time zone is the apocalypse supposed to occur anyway?