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Well, Ok. I totally said the last post "but it's almost October and that sort of means I should be working on Don't Lie." but then I totally didn't realize it was October until October 26th. Ok, that's not true, but it is sort of true. I didn't equate "It's already October" with "You should be working on Don't Lie" until October 26th. (yes, even despite saying that very thing on September 20th.)

Anyway I'm on Tumblr every day and on October 9th instead of thinking, "You know, if I want to post a theme appropriate thing for the season, I should really get working on Don't Lie so it can be ready by Halloween." I thought, "You know, I wanna do something theme appropriate for the season. I know! I'll post a scary thought for everyday for the rest of the month!" Immediately upon this thought occurring to me I thought of about 30 scary things and since it was already the 9th I decided not to write them down before hand so I had to come up with a new one every single day (with the exception of the final three I posted which were two Universal Truths and the Scariest Thing Humanity Has Ever Encountered. The 29th, 30th, and 31st were pre-planned a week in advance) But of course after I started doing it I forgot most of the ones I initially thought of so a couple of the days I had to divert some serious attention to the tone I was trying to set of the day, which is of course why I didn't think about Don't Lie will right around the end of the month (notice how that's right around the time when I had finally pre-planned most of the rest of the list.)

Hmmm since I just spent so much time talking about it I might as well post the entire list, under a cut. I will say some of this list I don't particularly scary or even alarming but they are sort all aimed at my demographic (Millennial, Black, Women, Liberal, and some generally reoccurring horror movie tropes)

October 2015 Daily Scary Thoughts
9th) College Tuition
10th) White Privilege
11th) That Spider On Your Hand
12th) The Patriarchy
13th) For Profit Prisons
14th) President Donald Trump
15th) The Wobbly Stairs Leading To The Dark Basement
16th) The Traffic Jam The Day After You Get A Written Warning From HR About Being Late
17th) Walking In On Your Parents Having Sex
18th) Climate Change Deniers
19th) Your Phone Is At 1%, No One Has A Charger
20th) European Beauty Standards
21th) The Future
22nd) The Fox News Network Is Considered Legitimate And The Most Trusted News Coverage By Nearly A Third Of The Country
23rd) It's The Police
24th) Medical Bills
25th) The Blue Screen Of Death
26th) Clowns
27th) Republican Controlled State Legislatures
28th) Responsibility
29th) Nothing You Do Or Will Ever Be Able To Do Can Change The Ultimate Fate Of The Planet, You Are Insignificant
30th) You Will Die
31th) The Unknown

Happy Halloween!

Anyway, So on October 26th I did think "Oh shit, Halloween is a week away and I haven't worked on Don't Lie at all!" So I rushed, rushed, rushed to work on it. The problem was, the only decent time I have to work on fics is when I am at work. At work it is quiet, I have a traditional keyboard to use, I am mostly left alone to work in peace. Verses when I am at home it is NEVER quiet, I have to work off my my laptop (the keyboard is hard use if I my nail have grown out and the USB ports are shit so I to constantly shut down warns and alerts about my device connections AND ROACHES), I don't have a comfortable work space, I have two toddlers that need my constant attention, and I am never left alone to work in peace. So, it's easier to work on fics at work, but at work I do actually have to do work so it's not like I can just sit there and work on fics all day.

So even though I did start to work on Don't Lie, and I did totally break the writer's block/tone problem/discussion it just got too late last night. I was just going to finish the conversation and then post the things. But 1) I wouldn't have time to proofread 2) It's only about 20 pages which was about half the size of the initial part I posted three years ago. SO I'm going to finish the scene I was working on last night, add another scene or two, edit it and then post it when It's ready later on November or whenever. Before the end of the year definitely. I'm serious. Before 2016. seriously.

In other news, still stalled on Dangerous Bonds, I'm trying to fix the problem I caused by making the whole thing from Duo's perspective in the beginning. Found a fix, I'm just trying to make it work in the narrative. And then I have to basically re-write chapters 5-7 and possibly 8 and then I can post 9... if I don't have to re-write that too.

I have not looked at Strange. No rewriting necessary, I'm just mad I keep losing the frickin' timelines I keep doing.

I keep stopping myself from peaking on the Merlin fic, I wanna write it to much, I have other obligations.

I have not looked at Puddles.

Everything else is way way back burner.
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