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([personal profile] appleqb Sep. 20th, 2015 12:07 pm)
I stalled out in chapter 5 of Dangerous Bonds again... sorry. No, see what had happen was, I was all amped up to get through the prologue - chapter 4 since I was actually doing the things I wanted and updating and making it work. And then I got to chapters 5-7 where I thought I had done all the work previously but then I saw I tricked myself and I just left a whole bunch of edit notes like "**add character development here" and "re-word this sentence" so that was sort of annoying. Now I realize I'm going to have to do that that thing I said I didn't want to do, rewrite the damn thing for the 4th or 5th time. And also, there is that problem where I wanted to just make the whole thing from Duo's perspective but it doesn't really seem feasible. There are some really important things that happen that will only make sense from Heero's perspective. And I'm thinking Quatre's and Trowa's relationship will only be worth developing from one of their perspectives as well (like Duo is perceptive enough to notice something going on between Quatre and Trowa but he definitely has other things to focus on. Now I have to do some soul searching to see exactly how much of this I want to rewrite.

I kinda want to just set away from Dangerous Bonds again, it's annoying me. but it's almost October and that sort of means I should be working on Don't Lie.

I'm off to do some soul searching by which i mean tackling unresolved plot problems.
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