So... Sorry I Dipped out for a while, I do that from time to time. Real Life sort of caught up with me and pulled my attention for a good long while. Sorry I keep going MIA from my journals but well`it happens. So look I never check my email but I am on Tumblr pretty much everyday so if your looking for me that's probably your best bet. (I'm appleqb on Tumblr so that should be pretty easy to find me.)

Hmmm, I think the last post I did I explained what was happening with me, I got super caught up Civil Rights and Social Justice which is still a top concern of mine. I had a baby, he's 10 months old now, and my oldest son is 2. I had a video game addiction which, OMG as distracted as I was by Minecraft it was NOTHING compared to the distraction of FFXIV. I 'm talking months MONTHS of every idle moment I had being devoted to playing or thinking about playing that game. Seriously, I got it for Christmas and it's only been within the last 3 weeks that I've been ok with not playing OK? It's AUGUST. I have NEVER been preoccupied by a game that much, but there you go. So I finally beat the story and the expansion and got a couple of classes to max level so I can take a breather which is why I'm posting here instead of killing A ranks in Eorzea right now.

But here I am. Now as for 2014's round up. Of the 22 goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, my wish to do 12 was nowhere near met. And even though I know I said in September that I accomplishes 3 goals I can really only find 2 >_< and either way I didn't post anything at all so it looks like I did nothing. But really no, I did in fact write a 25,000 word outline to that Merlin story which is a pretty BFD for me. As I said I did finish chapter 9 of Dangerous Bonds, which I'm still no where near posting. And then I stalled out for another year. *sigh*

The real reason I'm posting today is because I want to complain a bit. Yesterday I lost the Flash Drive with all my fics on it. It's not catastrophic but it is very annoying because that's the second time that's in basically as many times as I've worked on my fics. To explain: I had 2 flash drives, one 8gb I was using for fics and a second 3gb just cuz I had two. Well I was using the 8gb whem my laptop fell. the 8gb broke. I didn't lose any fics by the drive wasn't usable. My laptop broke too, but in a way that it is still functioning but it cracked the case large enough for roach to crawl in and lay eggs. A FUCKING ROACH. Baby roaches crawling in and out of my laptop. So fucking gross. the drive broke and my laptop with roaches basically killed my desire to work on fixs, to touch my laptop at all really. So I let myself get distracted it FFXIV for a couple of month. I finally get the urge to work on fics again so i went looking for the 8gb to see if i can fix it. I couldn't find it, but I found the 3gb. K cool, I put the fics on the 3gb took it to work. I actually got some writing done (I fixed some of those things in the prologue of DB I said I couldn't find back in the April post, yay progress) Thursday I transferred the progress to my backups on my laptop and my dropbox. Thursday night I specifically put the 3gb back in my purse to work on it on Friday. Friday I get to my job the 3gb is gone. WHAT?! I turned my purse inside out looking for it, I found the 8gb -_- which is still broken.

Basically I need a new flash drive. And none of my fics are missing but this is still annoying as hell. And now the kids are awake. I gotta make breakfast and start cleaning. Maybe I'll take some writing breaks.


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