OMG! I totally did not get anywhere near as much done last month as I wanted. I did not get Dangerous Bonds posted at all, no where near posted.

So, I keep saying I hope to get Dangerous Bonds posted before next month and then not getting it done, I'm going to stop saying that so I stop jinxing myself (I will however still hope to make it happen). So last month I was on chapter 4 and now I'm stuck in chapter 5. Bah. Actually I got up to 6 and realized I needed to go back and do a more extensive rewrite. For one thing, TSA would probably freak out a lot more about the incident at the airport, so I had to tone it down a bit which actually completely invalidated one the GW Drabbles I wrote as an attachment to that scene -_-(That's ok, the drabble didn't make much sense anyway). Then I realized G had no actual reason to jump Duo behind the house, it just didn't make any sense for why he was there in the first place, so I changed that a bit. So that changed Heero's part in that scene as well. As a result something completely different happened that Duo, as the perspective point of view of that scene, didn't see and so the readers don't get to see either, sorry. Although, I may go back a do another GW Drabble to actually explain what happened in that scene now that it's been newly written, so there is that possibility.

Also, speaking of perspective, I'm fixing some of the POV issues earlier in the story. All five boys are the main character, sort of, but the main narrator has always been Duo. I decided to keep the POV solely from him, at least when he is in the scene, so I had to alter all of the little asides to other perspectives, like when Heero first sees Duo and thinks "interesting"; rest assured, he still thinks it but Duo doesn't know that so it's not in the story anymore. Anyway, the story will specifically remain this way until Heero links them, at which point I will feel free to switch back and forth between them again because they will essentially share a consciousness. It's kind of sad because you lose a bit (a tiny bit) of character development AND there's also the slight problem of Duo being an unreliable narrator because of things Heero keeps doing. He's a bit of an ass, Heero is.

Then, because Duo is being less Kaitlyn-like, I decided he wouldn't have dimed Relena out to Une the way he did, which is being a little more problematic because... well look, changing the main character's perspective changes the story, obviously. So this is taking a lot longer than I expected. I will get it done.

Also, I just realized it's September now. If I want to put the next part of Don't Lie up for Halloween, I'm going to have to start working on pretty soon. There is the added problem that I will have a newborn sometime around mid-October and if I remember from the first one correctly, it's very difficult to get writing done with a newborn around (typing with one hand.) Jeez man, I'm working on more than one psychic!Duo stories, I just realized that. I'm justified though, Duo is very nearly somewhat psychic in the actual anime, but I'm not going to get into that.

So, despite probably not getting directly into Strange next like I said I would last month, I can absolutely get into the story about what's going on with it like I teased last month. So here goes...

Strange started of as a way to deal with some personal issues I was dealing with at the time, part writing what I knew and part wish fulfillment. You know, a kid, adrift in the world with no purpose and yet trapped by circumstances beyond their control... (that was me) Meets enigmatic stranger who is exciting and maybe a bit dangerous, possibly even more screwed up, that takes very particular interest in you, instantly makes your life interesting and has the ability to fix all your problems... (That was wishful thinking)

Anyway, I was a teenager, now I am not. I'm a different person, I have different problems now so I sort of gradually lost the drive to finish the story. At least working on that story isn't about exorcising personal demons any more. So that's why I kinda stopped working on it. But the story is still there, it hasn't changed I still want to tell it. Luckily, with Strange I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be entirely rewritten. I'm sure it could be further edited, but I'm probably not going to. No, the issue with Strange is the story was about to get A LOT MORE COMPLICATED. There are two separate stories going at this point, concurrent plot lines that run together at some point where Daisuke suddenly realizes there is a lot more going on beyond his personal existential crisis. It doesn't sound like a lot but I am not George R. R. Martin, I can barely write one story at a time let alone one story that is actually three stories from 4 different perspectives... sort of. I keep writing out plotlines for this story and losing them. The order of events keep getting rearranged. Also, Daisuke's personal problems, and Ken's for that matter, were significantly more complicated that mine to begin with, so I actually want to handle them and resolve them rather than waving a giant deus ex machina wand at it.

So that's it. I should really just stop bitching about it and write it. And I will, as soon as I wrestle Dangerous Bonds into submission... and maybe the next chapter of Don't Lie too.



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