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([personal profile] appleqb Jun. 21st, 2014 12:41 pm)
I was making progress!

Then things happened... as they always do. I swear this is not a excuse, just a fact.

But as I said last month, I do have progress to report. That being the plot hurdle that I managed to get over. That plot hurdle was on Dangerous Bonds and is thus tied to the progress. Well I did inch forward a bit into the next part of Dangerous Bonds, which is to way I am managing to fix the problems that have been bothering me for 5+ years. I mean, it's posted to chapter 8 but it's written to chapter 15 everything after 8 is a mess though; it's disjointed because I was struggling with the narrative a trying to separate the original story from the story I'm actually trying to tell (which is not all that different, but is different enough)

Anyway, I realized sometime last month that I couldn't remember the main character's name in the original series. I remembered it about a week later (it's Kaitlyn) but I realize that even though I remember the Dark Visions series it doesn't have as strong a pull on me any more. So this should go a little smoother. Also, I think I found the thing that was bothering me about my last read through. Because, bless her heart, Kaitlyn is spunky/sassy/all those things the teenaged female protagonist of a YA novel tends to be, she's still not a trained terrorist. And while Duo in this story is not himself a trained terrorist, from a certain point view, he kinda is. /vague spoiler type thing. So I'm going though a fix his voice and make him a little less OOC; not so much socially outcast teenage girl and a little more disaffected youth, I guess. Some of the sentence structure is still making me twitch but I'm not going to do much about it. Like I said, I'm not trying to rewrite, just tweak.

So, I was making progress... and then I accidentally read a Frostiron fic... then I had to read all of the frostiron fics... *sigh* I know, I'm too easily distracted.

Needless to say I have nothing to show.

I am so far behind.
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