I dunno what happen. I know I did a March Roundup, I don't know why I didn't post it. I did it super late in the month, sometime after the 20th but whatever. I had basically no progress to report fandom wise. I did finish all of Bleach (and actually Attack on Titan) before the end of March but then I didn't do any writing or plotting. I turned 30 on March 20th (wow I'm an old lady, never thought that shit would happen.) Also, I'm pregnant, again. My first son is only 1 (well 15 months old now in May) and the next baby is due in midOctober. Unless they change the rules again they should be a grade apart when they start school, hopefully. So big personal news in March; no fandom stuff.

April though. Well, I didn't do to much in April either. I did a lot of opening documents and staring at them without actually adding new content. Actually, what I realized was if I were to added a new chapter to Dangerous Bonds (which is honestly the closest to being finished and thus posted) I would post the newest chapter on AO3 which means the older chapters would also need to be posted, so I started to edit them. I only got though the prologue last month which is what caused the problem. Because the last time I read through the thing it was almost impassable, I'm sure everyone has this problem with the old stuff they wrote. I'm not trying to rewrite the damn thing for the 3rd or 4th time, I just want tighten the screws a bit. But when I went in with my metaphorical screwdriver I didn't find as much as I thought I should to fix. So that was my problem. I took a step back and hopefully I can come back at that from a different angel and I will hopefully get the results I expected.

Now that I have some traction I can say with certainty I will have progress to report in May. I might even have one of two of my goals finished since I was definitely working on them yesterday. I even got over a plot hurdle that's been holding me back for a while. But I will cover all of that in May's Roundup next month. I maybe back before then if I have something to post.
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