I'm getting later and later in the month with these. Jeez, that's so like me.

It's mostly because again there was nothing to report. I've been wasting my free time watching Bleach more. But the good think is I'm on episode 330 right now (I think Cartoon Network was on 336 last night) so I'm almost done (there are only like 36o or so episodes on Hulu anyway. So at very least I will be done by the end of the month, if not by next weekend and I can turn my attention to getting so of those writing goals done.

At very least I suspect I'm going to do one of the easy outline ones, which does mean I won't have anything to actually post, but at least it will be progress. Actually I've been thinking about working on Don't Lie (Vamp!Heero as I call it.) Though to be honest, it is the wrong time of year to be working on it. But hey, if I do finish it before October I'll actually be able to post it on Holloween, like it's supposed to be. Though, to be honest, the story is no longer as originally intended.

See, originally I was going to do a series of vampire stories for Halloween. One where Heero is a Vampire pursuing Duo, one where Duo is a Vampire pursuing Heero, One where Heero and Duo were both Vampire rivals of some kind, and one where Heero and Duo where human and fight vampire monsters. Alas, the first story that started to develop was the Vamp!Heero one, and the stubborn bastard decided he wasn't a vampire after all, which sort of killed the thing.

But, as it stands, he is still a supernatural type creature, and the story is still a viable Halloween type... maybe not, but whatever. If I do end up working on Don't Lie, I probably won't post that till October anyway. I'm such a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I've been typing this during "commercial" breaks, and now I'm on episode 333 so, there you have it.


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