Hey, it's pretty much the middle of February now. I have once again been putting this off because I have nothing to report. None of the goals have been reached or even work one... Well that's not true. I think I recorded a bit more of a podfic and I wrote a couple sentences on at least one of the fics, so that's at least that.

The problem is that I... Well sometime last month a decided that I really needed to watch Bleach because everytime I try to catch it on CN Adult Swim I'm like "What the F is happening? Who the F are these people? I don't know what the H is going on!" So I went on Hulu and I started watching from episode one... I'm on like episode 84 or something it's like season 4 I guess, I totally missed this whole BigBad, I thought it when right from Rescuing Rukia to the Visors... So that's like 60 or so episodes I missed.

Anyway, Bleach has been occupying all my free time :-( so I've not been working on fanish type things. We'll see how long this distraction last.

Will be back at least for a February round-up.


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