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( Nov. 6th, 2014 09:01 am)
Well, my baby was born on October 21. I accidentally delivered Naturally (absolutely no drugs) I regretted that deeply for the first week, I'm mostly over it now, but I hope to never do that again. (OMG NO DRUGS! Doing that way actually caused additional health complication for both me and the baby, we are both fine now but goddamnit.) Anyway, as I said,due to the complications II could not sit down comfortably for at least a week (the car ride home, omg!) So I very much got no writing done after giving birth.

Before giving birth I had been pretty much stalled out anyway. I did end up switching back over to Don't Lie for October but instead of writing more I got bogged down in petty grammatical issues and sentence structure problems, like minutia that I couldn't focus my attention enough to slog through. Actually, looking back on that now I'm pretty sure that was just the last couple of weeks of pregnancy messing with me, it got super distracting at the end there.

So, now I have a hyperactive toddler and a newborn We'll see how well I can find time and desire to write. Plus it's November, which means NaNoWriMo, It's already the 6th and aside from this post and a few arguments on Tumblr I haven't written anything this month either, meaning 50,000 words will be pretty unattainable again. Plus the distractions are strong, I mean the kids plus I've been playing Minecraft and I've been reading A Hero At The End Of The World (I've been waiting for this book for ages)

Anyway, I think I will go back and check on what kinda mess I left Don't Lie in... but not right now, my new born just woke up.

Wish me luck!


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